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>> sky 7 hd took these pictures of large tree that toppled this evening open el camino real right in the middle of the evening commute in san mateo and this was the result. all lanes closed at 9th avenue for about an hour backing up traffic as you can see from sky 7 hd for miles. good evening. as we 10 to clean up from the last storm, ghaes? another one is at our door ste step. let's get to spencer who is tracking it all for us on live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. here's the image right now. large moisture across the north bay where it has been all evening long. light rain pushing down into marin county. some heavy rain up north sonoma county around santa rosa and healdsburg see now it's more wide spread and moving slowly to the south and
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to the east. rainfall total 24 hours not so impressive anywhere yet really. no rain fall recorded in parts of the east bay south bay on the peninsula up in the north bay 16 hundredths at mount saint helena quarter inch at warm springs dam. at 5:00 o'clock wet for the morning commute. fwhet all areas at that time but 7:00 o'clock we will sea a lean of pretty heavy rainfall developing through the central part of the bay i can't remember sweeping east south later morning hours then into the midday hours. finally in the afternoon we see the heavy rain beginning to push to the south and east breaking up light showers with remain dear of the bay area remain dear of the afternoon. look ahead what is after that when to expect to see drying in a few minutes. >> thanks. gentleman santa cruz mountains public work crew are racing to fix a major problem left over from the last series of storms before this next one hits that spencer is talking about. we are referring to vine hill road
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which collapsed over the weekend in all of that rain. corrina with more tonight on the problem and the progress. >> repairing the storm damage on vine hill road in santa cruz county is considered a top priority. heavy rain that battered the area eroded a huge chunk of roadway. there are about 30 homes along this 2 mile stretch. >> i had about a 6 minute drive to get the kid to school. going the back way it's about 35 minutes. so everybody gets up earlier. we are taking less trips in and out. >> road closure is not just a hack for residents. vain hill is a pop already shortcut lvrpinging highway 17 and one direction and highway 1 in the other. >> we had a slide out down the road here about 6 years ago and it took them many months to get the road open. we had to make the circuit. >>reporter: public work crew wasting no time trying to get at least one lane operational. they laid down 120 feat of drain annual pipe today and
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have done a preliminary evaluation of the eroded soil to see how soon they can rebuild the rest of the road. >> probably about four feet down below the muck that is down there there's some fairly solid sand stone so we are hoping that that's consistent across the whole area. we can probably lay in some crib in there and hopefully get this repaired in a month time ix storm damage creating a lot of work for repair crew, it is welcome news for the santa clara valley water district. in just 4 days reservoir up from 36 percent of capacity to 46 percent. as for one lane traffic on vine hill road, that could be a reality as early as tomorrow afternoon. >> i'm just thrilled the thing is being done quite frankly. that's really what it's all about. the fact they got on it. see what is going on behind me. pretty intense. it's good. great. >>reporter: before that one lane is reopened tomorrow crews will have to put a safety barrier called k railing in place but they do hope that
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work is completed by tomorrow afternoon. and one reason for the push to reopen both lanes is that vine hill road is considered an escape route if santa cruz ever faces an emergency evacuation. in santa cruz county, corrina abc 7 new news. >> let's button up the weather kochbling for now. 7 news will have continuing storm watch coverage tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. we have the latest for your morning commute on 7 news starting at 4:30 am with live updates throughout the morning and of course always check our web site 7 any time you wish. >> well rest caw workers in the sierra foothill continue the search for nevada cup whole disappeared during some stormy northern california weather. the man and woman left citrus heights near sacramento on thursday. headed to their home in gardener hill, nevada and they have not been seen since. frer-year-old rod and his girlfriend paula lane were visiting family and friends in northern california before driving home to nevada in the
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storm. rescue teams and volunteers joining family members searching mountain highway in the snow for signs of the couple or even the car. >> everyone out there trying to $15 my dad and paula. it has been awesome seeing even come together. and i really appreciate it. >>reporter: rescue crew volunteer will continue to search for the couple tomorrow off road and on foot. san francisco man has been charged with kidnapping and raping an autistic is 16-year-old girl. 36-year-old gary steve atkinson was arraigned today. heard the formal charges against hip. he's accused of abduct ago girl who wandered away from a youth center on november 27. she was found by a muni driver and helped police find atkinson. he's expected in court tomorrow. >> in the east bay people living in a number of communities are worried about their safety tonight. fire station in creighton, lafayett lafayette, mav martinez walnut creek at risk of closing and as
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laura explains no one wants a fair stationary their home to close. >> i'm very concerned. >>reporter: he lives about half mail from cocoa fire station 16. the only one that serves his neighborhood in the heavily wooded west side of lafayette. the lights have been off and syrup silent temporarily at station 16 due to a mold and rat problem. but now it's one of 4 that could be permanently closed january 1st. >> when you start doing cut back and cut back on something like that, that has been here a long time, as long as i have been here and lake i said before they respond to a lot of things here. not having them here is a little disconcerting. >>reporter: with the failure measure 2 last month contra costa county supervisor must now mav to close stations. the candidate include station 16 in lafayette no. 12 on shell avenue martinez. number 4 on walnut correct and no. 11 on center avenue in clayton. >> this is going to leave
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clayton with absolutely no fire fire stations in our city. we will be the only city and county that does not have a fire station within our city limits. >> it's very difficult decision but we did say that we would listen to what the voters said and they either would want us to continue the current service level or they would not aparagraph it. >>reporter: closure will cut cost but alsoen crease response time county wide. average response time now is just over 6 and a half minutes. >> there is going to impact response time to the area arun the station as well as we are going to have to wait listeninger for resourcesp they are coming from further away when we are on incidents the require multiple fire engines. >>reporter: again the supervisors here have delayed the final decision on these 4 stations until next week. county fire chief indicated it may not stop there if there are no new revenue sources found they may have to lack at closing 1 or 2 more stations
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next fiscal year. martinez, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> san jose city council voted unanimously to allow airport staff to shoot blank and live ammunition at birds that pose a hazard to planes. now these vote changes -- this vote changes the city ordinance allowing only police to discharge firearms at the airport. since 2009 there have been 1 80 reported bird streak at san jose international. bird striking obviously very dangerous. sometimes they can cause real problems for planes of course most dramatic example of that happened in january of 2009 when pilot pl danville land add bird stricken u.s. airway jet in the hudson river. riff's department is being criticized for wanting to buy an unmanned drone. sheriff's department calls it an unmanned aerial system. 7 news reporter mark matthews tonight with reaction from brave situation rates groups who are afraid the deputy will use this technology
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to spy on people. >>reporter: thinks the 31,000 dollar unmanned aerial vehicle at the alameda county sheriff's department wants to buy. neat little shechbility even according to the critic. >> just cutest little toy i can possibly imagine. >>reporter: told the supervisors she's opposed to the did he advice. aclu attorney called it a threat to brave situation. >> just because we walk out walk out doors sometimes doesn't mean that we surrender the right to make sure that the government doesn't collect and stock pile detailed personalize information about our whereabouts. >>reporter: inexpensive system with camera is different than a sheriff helicopter precisely because of the low cost. aclu fears affordability will lead to abuse. but are we already there? for few hundred dollars you can buy your own camera equipped uav. as for low cost camera keeping track of us they are with everywhere. building street lights stores and
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everyone on the street has one of these. >> it's undeniably true technology has dramatically change the world we live in doesn't mean we have to surrender our brave situation rates going in and out public. >>reporter: aclu and others calling on the soups to put the issue up for discussion and debate. and today the supervisors agreed. even the sheriff agreed even before the issue came on the agenda he asked to have the purchase put up for discussion at public protection committee hearing. >> meeting set for the future and hopefully in the near future irngs sheriff says the uav would be used for search and rescue and apprehending fugitives. even though the paperwork his department filled with the county says it could be used for information gathering sheriff says don't interpret that too broadly. >> never intended to use this for any type of surveillance, any type of civilian use whatsoever. >> that's mark reporting for us. late today the because of the controversy supervisors now need specific authorization to
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use grant money to buy the drone. that means all of this has to good back to committee before returning to the full board of supervisors. that is likely to happen early next year. more to bring you here. astonishing video from routine traffic stop. coming up. watch this shocking surprise for police as they surround a suspicious vehicle revealing young man kidnapped from this job and rescued in the nick of time. >> also ahead. modernizing california schools. how state lawmakers want to spend some of the money you approved on the november ballot. >> plus only at deputyy. lucky city where you can get married with a side of lsh browns. >> do you know who these children are? forensic artist comes up with the progeny of famous couple. >> snake is found on a plane. not the movie57
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>> couple of mishap in the sky to tell you about. new boeing 787 dream liner flown by united air lanes was diverted mid flight to new orleans today because of a possible mechanical problem. plane was headed to newark houston and landed safely then this. where is sam jackson when you need
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him. snake on plane forced emergency landing. passenger aboard egyptair flight was bitten by the cobra he smuggled on board. kind of looked like this one. pilot diverted after hearing him scream from his seat. he's okay. rest of the passengers probably quite annoyed. snake was captured after it slithered under seats. how creepy would that be. >> state lawmakers deciding how to dole out money to help schools become more energy efficient. if we have the latest on what is happening now that prop 39 is state law. >> we want to be first in line. somehow. some way. >>reporter: principal greg thomas pleading his case to law make investigators give his campus some of the state new energy retrofit money. 73 percent of california public schools are more than 25 years old and in need of the funding badly to upgrade or replace windows, inefficient lighting and old air conditioning heating systems fichlt we can look at energy efficiency then
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you are having savings year over year over year and then you will have more money visible for those things. >>reporter: the costs are staggering. more than 10,000 public schools in california together spend 700 million dollars a year on energy. that's how much they spend on all supplies. that's to voteers who aprove proposition 39 disadvantage schools will now be able to pay for energy retrofit. proposition 39 closes tax loop hole that mostly benefited out of state corporations. it's a billion dollar a contrary funding boost for the state. half goes to the general fund. the other half to the energy needs of schools that could mean no more puty around the window sill. >> theeled puty has been there forever. >>reporter: they make them sauna in the summer and freezer in the winter. sooins teacher hunter says those conditions hinder learning. >> kids go from classroom to classroom the experience is the same situation until after 3 or
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4 hours of that it's pretty hard for them to focus. >>reporter: lawmakers just introduced measures to get project money out the door by next summer. retrofitting is expected to cut energy cost at least 30 percent. >> do we want to give them great new energy efficiency and clean energy technology then bring them up to the 21st century. >>reporter: when upgrading done the 4 billion dollars guess to the state general fun. this is abc 7 news. >> all right let's move back-talk about the weather forecast. spencer is tracking the next storm that is coming in not nearly what we had this weekend but still will produce some rain. >> will produce rain. probably will be quite a wet commute tomorrow morning for much of the bay area. get ready. live view of dry conditions right now but clouds thickening. this is from the east bay hills camera at the peak. quite a view across the bay tonight. we have clouds in the sky. moisture around the bay area and a little bit of rain in the north bay now beginning to move
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slowly south wand and he's. he's live doppler wide spread area of mainly light rain but pockets of heavy rain in the north bay. light rain worked its way down into marin county but steadyy rain in sonoma county santa rosa points northward and eastward closing a little bit more you can see from clover dale to santa rose west out to the coast through occidental and rohnert park we have steady rain developing right now and we are all going see some rain at some point tomorrow mainly morning hours. right new temperature readings generally in the upper 50's to right around 60, 61 in oakland right now. these are forecast feature rape spreads south ward overnight. rain turns to showers tomorrow giving way to actually partly sunny skies in the afternoon. we'll see dryer pattern beginning on thursday. satellite radar composite image showing the approaching system which is slow moving system and that's why it has not advanced very far south ward but has all the overnight hours to do that. forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. we'll see by
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5:00 o'clock in the morning start of our rush hour more wide spread rainfall pushed into the south bay and pens lashtion santa cruz mountains a little bit in the east bay then by 7:00 o'clock in the morning we see a pvt of rather heavy rain developing right through the central parts of bay year. some downpour there. then 9:00 o'clock in the morning we see the heavy rain shifting eastward and south ward then by 11:00 a.m. all parts of the bay area 7 at least some moderate rainfall. if if the drenching rain. heavy steady rain showers in the afternoon hours and break up late tomorrow night overnight into thursday morning. 5:00 o'clock thursday morning hooking at try commute but also will have had rainfall total up to about inch and a half and north bay mountains up to an inch in santa cruz and east bay maybe half inch in the rainier parts of the sufficient bay. over tonight tonight as the showers and rainfall increase we see low temperature on the mailed side maybe mid 50's then
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tomorrow again steady more wide spread rainfall more scattered showers in the afternoon and little flake of sun high pressure mainly in the low mid 60's tm and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we start drying out over tonight tomorrow night into thursday. raiders day thursday night football at the colonel see number oakland. take on the broncos here on abc 7. should be dry and pleasant conditions for football thursday evening then the rest of the forecast period we have sunny dry days ahead. no rain after tomorrow for at least a week and perhaps longer. >> that's what the yellow thing is there. >> sunshine. unusual occurrence. >> we need to it dry out. >> coming up. when cool becomes cold. ♪ if world record just set by this mu sichlingts you will get the sichlingts you will get the story as abc +1=dj
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>> 3, 2, 1. [applause]. >> despite the looming fiscal cliff and bitter divide the holiday spirit showed newspaper washington this evening. speaker of the house boehner did the honor for lighting of 65 foot spruce from colorado. capitol christmas tree. >> las vegas has another first. you can get married at the elvis wedding khaem or drive through wedding and now also get married at denny. opportunist available at the new denny in the downtown area. company is letting people inside for the first time. executives say it represents the deny of the future. featuring a full bar in addition to the chapel. ceremony will begin in a couple of months. celebrity wedding said to be already on the books
9:26 pm
for february. >> well if it seems like guinness will confirm world record for just about anything you opinion correct about that. the group has just anointed musician for playing the col coldest gig on earth. >> welcome to my gig. >>reporter: public hard to make the finger move on the guys nar that cold. simpson lead singer from fight star. he played in small town in siberia it's the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet. well concert took 15 minutes. minimum length of time needed to set the record was concerned that the guitar might disintegrate because of the flew just would not be able to withstand the cold. fortunately it and simpson were freezing but were fine. >> it is a few hundred males south of the ark particular circle where he played and recorded temperatures as leas
9:27 pm
minus 96.16 degrees fahrenheit. that's tl cold. >> well more to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. fight for nudity in san francisco gets nasty. as one advocate tries to snap bath ramp photo of an opponent. find out what authorities say about that. >> they call it frank fish. super fish built by scientist and it may heading to your dinner table next. >> routine traffic stop turns into dramatic rescue. young man abducted and put into the truchbing of his own car. fichlt rain has arrived at the golden gate bridge. spencer back to update the forecast. we'll get the picture as we we'll get the picture as we continue stay here wiwi
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>> good evening again. we start this half hour with new species of salmon. created by people who modify the gene to make it bigger and arguably healthier. it already has a derogatory name too. franken fish. jim avila has exclusive look at the thing. >>reporter: behind padlock gates and barb wire fence ins panama grow what is could be a landmark change in what we eat. shades of jurassic park where movie scientist played with dinosaur dna. hear actual scientist grow a dna altered salmon producing the first bioengineered meat on track to be approved for human consumption. critic call the process creepy and label it franken fish. >> when you mav th dna from a species into another species you create a new life form that is so new and so unique you can get a patent for it. >>reporter: abc news is the first to see up close actually
9:32 pm
taste the miss stare us fish. fda scientist have ruled is as safe as have had from conventional atlantic salmon >> this is franken fish. >> very healthy beautiful salmon. >>reporter: big difference. size. this ace one-year-old atlantic salmon dwarfed by the new genetically altered salmon of the same able. how do they do it? by merming dna of 3 fish in on one. taking dna from a chinook salmon and he'll to produce atlantic sam open that grows fast from birth. >> you ka get the market size 12 months before any other type of salmon out there. >>reporter: the fish are ready for market and company now waits final fda approval. spwru we again too far? >> whole other section of the grocery store to this technology that we think is still not fully understood. >>reporter: there noise proven link between genetically altered food and health problems but critic skeptical but about the study and complain government scientist have in the done enough independent work and ignore the
9:33 pm
unknown. they worry spwru no proof this new fish will increase allergy. theorize alter who are men system could should cause cancer. fda review of company data found the concerns unfounded. >> pan has been altering the nature of animals since man walked up writ and began domestic animal. >>reporter: in the pipe lane for fda approval that is very different and same as america faith fish dinner. fda won't say when it will give final approval. the company says it could good out of business before it does. jim avila, abc news washington. >> well it is not often you hear about people in their 20's suffering a stroke but that is what happened to the star of the old show melt on in the middle. actor frank nunez tweet dad that he was hospitalized last we can after suffering a ministroke young man. clinic says a ministroke doesn't december industry brain
9:34 pm
cell or cause permanent disability lake major stroke does. he turns 27 tomorrow. awfully young to have that happen. now to incredible police dash video out of texas. begins as traffic stop until the officers hear a scream from the trunk of the car. the arrest, rescue all caught on tape. l john reports this. >>reporter: newly released police dash cam video capturing routine traffic stop that business to become anything but routine. what cops doptd know yet there's a man tied up in that trunk. fearing for his life. that man 22-year-old shawn bloom seen her in the twitter picture. >> obviously scared. i didn't know what their intentions wer were. >>reporter: police say these 3 people kidnapped him from his job at convenience store in august. he was beaten stuffed inside his own car trunk after their car broke down. cops say the suspect were looking to buy drugs. whole time bloom still in the trunk. at times passing
9:35 pm
out. incredibly he came to just in time to see flashing lights outside a crack in a broken taillight. >> i heard a voice and i could tell from from his flexion that he was an officer. he came back and asked about insurance and that's when i started kicking and punching on the hood yelling. >>reporter: now the payoff. back up unit arrive and guns are drawn. cops pull the suspect out of the car. then it's to the trunk. guns still drawn. still not sure if it's friend or foe inside. >> the trunk was popped. i exposed my hands like the officers asked me to do. then there was probably 8 or 10 cop cars there at that point. >>reporter: bloom is safe. nightmare is over. you have to thank the officers who may have saved his life at ceremony honoring their quick thinking. >> not really a lot i can say except for thank you but it means more than that. >>reporter: and the 3 suspect
9:36 pm
suspects? they are behind bars this morning charged with kidnapping and theft. john mueller abc news new york. >> now to another abduction. man and woman from morgan hill facing 5 felony counts of kid inspecting assault of hand i man santa clara county sheriff's office says the 50-year-old handy man held for about seven hours and forced to perform work under the threat of death. 36-year-old jason jesus and 33-year-old chanel arrested yesterday in san jose after the man escaped from his own truck as the suspects were driving him to another home for more work. >> starting next year nudist in san francisco will have to keep their clothes on in and out public. as carolyn explains, supervisors took the second and final vote on this controversial topic this afternoon. pishltion there was no discussion from the supervisors when they passed san francisco public nudity ordinance that law. noise came from opponent in the chambers.
9:37 pm
deputy trade to mav quickly to cover the protestors. there's already a rule requiring clothes at city hall. when they took theirs off, 3 men and 4 women were tossed out. >> i am a nudist but i prefer to have the freedom. >>reporter: law takes effect in february unless a federal judge sides with the nudist who say the ban violates their civil rights. there will still be permitted events like parade and festivals for those who want to bare all. but that doesn't satisfy the protestors. >> it teaches children that they should be ashamed of their bodies. teach adult they are ashamed of their body. >>reporter: intolerant san francisco supervisor scott weiner says his constituent were tired of seeing a group of naked guys every day. and so he sponsored the city wide ordinance. >> standby the legislation and i'm happy to see it pass and to move on to other things.
9:38 pm
>>reporter: that's not likely to happen right away. there's now a criminal charge against local blogger michael trellis who posted this picture of scott weiner in second floor bathroom preparing to brush his teeth. what he had tried to take was a picture of the supervisor genital. district attorney george says these an invasion of privacy. >> very, very inappropriate. and we want to make sure we send a message that that type of behavior is not accepted. and many completely trespasses any social boundary of decency. >>reporter: no xent today from michael trellis whose first court appearance is tomorrow. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> and also in san francisco. soon low income children will be allowed to ride muni for free. metropolitan transportation board approved the pilot program today. one and a half million dollars will help 40,000 kids get to school,
9:39 pm
sports and internship every single day. pilot program starts march of next year and will last for 16 months. all right still to come tonight on 7 news at 9. the new mobile app that could make your search for parking easier. just in tame for your holiday shopping too. it's a store you will see only on abc 7 news. >> plus frainer coach harbaugh
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>> i definitely want my kids to have better opportunity than i have ever had. >> there is no perfect system. >> well, chaos broke out when parents tried to register their kids at magnet school in south carolina. one woman was injured in a stampede yesterday trying to enroll her child in elementary school in greenville with special engineering curriculum and whole thing
9:43 pm
caught on video which we'll try to get to. parents began lining up last friday and rushed the school. >> start daing finding parking spot in downtown san mateo could be easier if you down load a new free smart phone app. jonathan bloom has more on how some bay area cities are teaming up with tech companies to make life a bit easier for drivers. >> it's lunch time in downtown san mateo o. drivers inch along bumper to bumper searching for parking. >> did a study and people spend 15 to 20 mend on average lacking for a place to park. >>reporter: that's like kelly company street life spent years developing this little sensor that dedetectives whether a parking space is empty. san francisco installed them 2 years ago and now san mateo and san carlos roll them 0up along with 43 mobile app called parker. they simply don't know where the parking is. they guide you to the block with
9:44 pm
most open spots. >> parking ahead. >>reporter: makers say could it actually reduce traffic. >> when you can take people parking time the l to 5 minutes you are going to dramatically reduce the number of cars on the street. >>reporter: city officials think it's a good investment for taxpayers. >> much cheaper to efficiently manage existing parking inventory than building new spaces and new if a utilities. as simple as drilling a hell and dropping it in. wearless lick the cell phone but unlake cell phone the battery life on these is measured in years not hours. that simplicity why they say it's just the beginning. city becoming more livable by putting little smart sensor on pretty much every peace of infrastructure. >> kiosk. street light out there. the school there all of the things that we connect to the. >>reporter: street lines big plans of its own. soon smart radar that cars and navigation systems. >> once to destination kawnt leave the car in the middle of the street. put tonight a
9:45 pm
parking spot so we are hoping to help with that. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> i think we can show you clip in a few minutes. stay with us for. that but as we continue the royal baby forensic artist figure out how their little boy or girl could?f<
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[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> here's the video we found i weren't to share with you we were talking about out of south carolina today. wild stuff. chaos break out when the airports trade to register the kids at magnet school in south carolina. >> my god. okay. they are fighting. >> one william was injured in the stampede yesterday trying to enroll her child at elementary school in greenville. which is in the upstate part of south carolina.
9:49 pm
they were trying to enroll them in a special engineering curriculum. home video shot by a parent. considering trying a lottery system next so this doesn't happen again. los gatos netflix taking streaming entertainment to new level after securing u.s. rights to disney stood yo film beginning in 2016. netflix if direct competition with major cable network like hbo and she time. net flex gets non-exclusive rights to more of disney older films. no terms of the three year deal were announced but analyst say it will cost netflix about 350 million dollars per year. shares of netflix stock jumped 14 percent with the news today. disney is the parent company of abc 7. prince william visited hads wife kate in the hospital today. she is said to be feeling better after second day of hospital treatment for acute morning sicknesses. couple announced yesterday that they are expecting their first child new royal heir in about 6 mont
9:50 pm
months time. >> a lot of talk about the royal baby for prince william and kate. now forensic artist has image of what the baby might look like. he took the best features of the royal couple and morph them together. come up with piercing blue ey eye. mostly clear complex and kate thick dark lock. kind of describing larry who just sat down. forensic artist in britain has different take. same skin eye color but more resemblance to william. interesting. larry sat down and thought there was striking resemblance. spencer has the forecast. >> look at live doppler 7 hd rainfall spread across much of the north bay right now moving slowly south ward and light rain we had light rain in parts of marin county. lifted for awheel but spread from western marin county up into sonoma and to napa county and we have wet weather across the entire bay area by midmorning tomorrow. right now heaviest activity around occidental and bodega
9:51 pm
bay and all shifting south, east now tm after some steady wide spread rain in the morning afternoon howevers will see mainly scattered showers. high pressure gemly in the 60's. low 60's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast drying out for raider thursday tonight game on abc 7 on thursday. that's what i call thursday night football. clever how they come up with the name. >> forecast period looks dray is that machined tonight football is on monday too. whether a shock. >> piercing blue eye. sort of a rail regal air. >> i may royalty. i may. you should probably be kneeling. >> you are royal pain just before the show. >> nice. very good. may off season but the giants keep winning. now free agency winning. now free agency tonight targetwell, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. storm clean up. damage
9:55 pm
so bad in areas bay area crew assisting hurricane sandy victims has come back here to help even as mr. rain approaches. and the city secret eyewitness san francisco has new crime fighting tool and you are in vaited to take part. what was this guy doing? those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us then. raider fans showing us the team pride as we move cholesterol tore raider day on abc 7 this morning. that's national syndicated radio host jt the britton the far right with members of the raider nation. raiders day begins tomorrow. special pre-game edition of news at 6:30 and really get going thursday with sports director larry hosting special raider pre-game show that storts at 4. raiders great kennedy and woodson join him for that at 5. coverage of the denver oakland game begins live from the calcium once the game ends larry lincoln and rod return with after the game.
9:56 pm
kind of big day for us on abc 7. a lot of fun to see on air playing football 8. lot of larry in there. he's very gi heard. >> royalty. l highlights so far perfect off season for the giants and gm brian. the giants agree to terms with second baseman scutero. worth 20 million dollars. 3 37-year-old marco played in the world series and most valuable player. brian said the goal was to resign jeremy angel and execute row and that he did. 3 for 3. market for scutero heated up the past couple days with interest in the yankees and cardinals. head coach allen with the raiders left the temperature for few days to be with his family. his father died last night. grady was 66 years old linebacker in the nfl back in the 60's early 70's. died of cardiac arrest. coach
9:57 pm
allen expected to rejoin raiders tomorrow night and on the side lines thursday nature against the broncos that game will happen on abc 7. on the field. raiders hoping to have daryn back on thursday. rai raiders lost the last 5. they are excited to get the offensive weapon. >> he's back can't wait to watch him. he brings chance marsell getting rest. he has been getting a ton of rest. obviously an explosive element to the game that he has unlike many other players in the league. >> i feel in lake back to myself. being able to get out there and get a burst and down field. >> very exited about it. lacking forward to get out there and back out on the field with the guys. get going agai again. >>reporter: now him if collin experience first loss as star startary lot of fans are backing smith band wagon. if walker would have caught the pass niners would have won on
9:58 pm
sunday if david make the 51 yard field goal the financers we know. instead the play that stands out and everybody focusing on is the aaron pitch that resulted in a ram touch down in the 16-13 victory. moving forward the niners host miami on sunday. rompers says everybody has to play better. >> it's important to finish strong. we talk about 4 quur quurters. this is last quarter. team that do good in play offs if end of november december they kind of click in. kind of get going. good to the play offs. can't come into the the play offs with losses like we did last weekend. not getting on all cylinder. everybody counted them out. they end up whipping the superbowl. we have tm to play. >> college hoops. saint johns and red storm coach born in san francisco wept to sir francis
9:59 pm
drake high and sf state. led by parker. led by 3 at the break. if taking over in the second half t.up 8. 18 points 14 assist. usf im prosecute office to 5 and 1 and beat saint john 81-65 and good crowd tonight on the hilltop. fun clip of forty-niner head coach harbaugh making the rounds on the internet from 1996 with harbaugh pering on episode of saved by the bell. enjoy. [applause]. >> some people think i'm hero because i can throw a football i wouldn't be anything without my teammate when you think you are a big shot that's when you usually get m trouble. >> always count on my cousin. >> the hunky jim harbaugh
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